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After the noise
This article is about how the extrovert people and introvert ones are affected by the noise, and how they respond to those situations.
Forexample extrovert people are performing well in the presence of some background noise, and have no problem with a TV on, studies shows. Another example is that extroverts may be drawn to a loud bar,but they´re in trouble if it´s dimly lit; they are more irritated by the loud when lighting is low according with one study; as illumination levels increase, noise annoyance decreases.
Another adjectiveare that the noise increase the violence in angry people, the loud is a typical feature that affects the social human being.
In other way the introverts require plenty of personal space, but when thenoise levels go up, people get closer, making introverts even more uneasy. Introverted people with neurotic tendencies suffer when forced to work in noisy environments, they don´t cope well withnoise stressors. For them, quite places like libraries are more conducive to peak work performance.
I think that the different levels of loud are an important feature of being satisfied and at ease, whenneed to know how maintain these levels and how to control the people that are affected.
In my opinion I really think that in work areas is important to have a good level of loud because themajority of people preferred to work in a silence please at least when the work is a mentally function.

A. What is the theme or main idea of the article? How the sounds level affect different typesof persons.
B. inference “According to the article, it can be inferred that the author was affected by the loud ever”
C. According to the article, the phrase “introvert” refers to a person who isquite and doesn´t like the extremely noise and things like that.
D. Find an idiomatic expression
Quite lover; it refer to the introvert people.
* Words
Flipping point; is a non-serious place
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