Marcelo bielsa

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Marcelo Bielsa is an exfootball player of argentina and current coach of chile’s national team.

Marcelo Bielsa was born on july 21st of 1955, in Rosario, Argentina. His parents were Lidia caldera,a teacher, and Rafael Pedro Bielsa, who was a lawyer. He is grandson of the well known jurist named also Rafael Bielsa, who was one of the founders of the administrative division of Argentina. He isalso brother of Rafael Bielsa and Maria Eugenia Bielsa, both current well known argentinian politicians. Despite coming from a family steeped in politics and law, Bielsa decided not to follow thetradition by dedicating his life to football.

Football career

Bielsa started his career as a football player in Newell's Old Boys team, in which he started to play as a defender. After having playedfor a long time in minor divisions of the club, Bielsa finally played on first division on february 29th of 1974 against River Plate. At the end of 1976, Bielsa was part of Argentina’s national team,in which he won the bronze medal in preolympics held in Recife, Brasil. Something curious was that the team was totally formed by players of newell’s old boys club. In 1978, he was transferred toInstituto Atletico Central Cordova, playing for a year, and 1979 he was part of Club Atletico Argentino, comonnly known as Argentino de Rosario. In 1980 and at the age of 25, Bielsa decided to retire, inorder to start his managerial career 10 years after.

Managerial career
In july of 1990 he was offered the opportunity to be the manager of one of the clubs he had been in, the Newell’s Old Boys.He won the 1990 Torneo Apertura and the 1991 Torneo de Integracion. Those were just the firsts of all the achievements of Bielsa. El Loco managed the team that was part of the final in the "1992 CopaLibertadores" but the team lost against São Paulo on penalties. But weeks after the defeat in the Copa Libertadores final, Bielsa and Newell's won the 1992 Torneo Clausura. After having a nice...
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