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Narrative summary | Indicators | Means of verification | assumptions |
Provide qulity products to both domestic and foreign consumers. | increase sales to both domestic and foreign consumers |maintain control of the production and distribution of seafood | Customer satisfaction with the product |
High quality of the products. | customer satisfaction with the product |Statistical control of employees | ensure payment of workers |
Guarantee that the catchIs processed in the region. | that 100% of the catch is processed in Bluefield’s | Statistical control of products caught admittedto the plant | safe storage and maintenance
of production |
Guarantee to the fisherman a place to sale the products. | establish points of sale where
negotiate their product fishermen | balance of thepercentage of
product that is purchased from fishermen | provide atractive price
for fishermen |
Generate exchange to the country. | Currency supplied then
the country | balance of the percentage ofproduct that is purchased from fishermen | that monetary reulaciones
remain |

Outputs | indicators | verification | assumptions |
selling seafood | selling seafood | sales registration  Seafood | quantity demanded
Seafood |
Staff training
  technical and administrative. | number of trained staff. | personnel records at work | provisions for workers to receive
thetraining of their job |
Creation of jobs. | Amount and type of work.
| employee record | technicians trained to guide Staff
  according to the type of work. |
income generated. | Profits. | monthly earnings report. |financial results on profits. |
inputs | indicators | verification | Assumptions |
Location of the company. | Permission of property garanted by the government. | title to the property granted tothe company | property exclusively for processing
  Seafood. |
ensure the wáter resource. | garant for water use
  by the government for processing. | certified for use of water. |...
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