Martin Luter

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Gateway B1+ Homework Monday January 21st 2013
Teacher: Jesus Flores Luna Student’s name: ____________________________
Gateway B1+ Homework Monday January 21st 2013
Teacher: Jesus Flores LunaStudent’s name: ____________________________


1. Where was Martin Luther King Jr. born?
a. Atlanta, Georgia b. Birmingham, Alabama c. Marietta, Georgia d. Mobile,Alabama

2. What was King's father's profession?
a. doctor b. fireman c. pastor d. professor

3. What historic campaign did King lead in Montgomery, Alabama?
a. a march toWashington, D.C., for civil rights b. a sit-in at city diners
c. a boycott of the city buses d. a demonstration outside a county jail

What did the Supreme Court declare to beunconstitutional in 1956?
a. segregation of schools b. inequality based on race
c. jail terms for civil-rights demonstrators d. segregation of buses

What was the goal of the SouthernChristian Leadership Conference?
a. inspiring white clergy to support civil rights b. equality for black people
c. training effective leaders for the black community d. voting rights for allAmericans

Whose teachings inspired King's philosophy of nonviolence?
a. Indian spiritual and political leader Mohandas Gandhi
b. American philosopher Henry David Thoreau
c. Germanjournalist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Carl von Ossietzky
d. American scientist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Linus Pauling

King was awarded __________ in 1964.
a. a Bronze Star b. the NobelPeace Prize c. the Pulitzer Prize d. a Medal of Honor

Why did King travel to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1968?
a. to participate in a conference of civil rights leaders b. to receive anhonorary degree
c. to fight for better wages for sanitation workers d. to visit his wife and children

How did King die?
a. he was shot by an assassin b. he had a heart attack c. he was...
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