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Catherine Estupinan
Instructor McLaughlin-Rojas
16 October 2009
Writing report center
On October 14, I went to the WritingCenter for my tutoring session. The appointment was at 12 o’clock but my tutor was 25 minutes late, so there was not enough time to revise the paper. Firstof all we started with the organization of the paper and after with the grammatical errors. My tutor was tired, so she went to sleep many timesduring oursession and she was not focus on what we were doing. At the end she helped me to cite some works but without an explanation, so I could not fullyunderstand the correct way to cite.
The Writing Center is a very useful tool to improve your writing skills because a tutor will guide you in the process ofmaking a paper. So everyone should take advantage of it and every time someone has a doubt about her or his paper could have the possibility to go to theWriting Center and they will help you.
In conclusion the Writing Center is so useful because the tutor will give some advice and you will realize thethings you have to work on your paper. The only thing that I did not like was the tutor that they assigned me because she was too disrespectful to belate, fall sleep and do the things without explaining to me. I was not lucky in my first experience at the Writing Center but I am still think it is a goodtool to improve your writing skills because every single time they explain how it is the right way to do it you can apply it for your next papers.
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