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Series A, T ype AH, HH, and L Slur r y Pumps

Warman Series A Pum
Cartridge-type Shaft and Bearing Assembly
A large diameter shaft with a short overhang minimizes deflection and vibration. Heavy-duty, grease-lubricated cylindrical and/or taper roller bearings are enclosed in a cartridge-type housing protected at both ends by a rotating labyrinth with double piston ring and patented-10 grease purged lip seal (see Figure 1 on page 6). Only four through bolts are required to hold the “cartridge” assembly in the frame.

Pump Frame
A rigid, one-piece casting cradles the “cartridge” shaft and bearing assembly. A minimal number of through bolts hold the pump casing to the frame. An easy means of external impeller adjustment is provided in a convenient position below thebearing housing.

Slip-Fit Shaft Sleeve
A reversible, 420 stainless steel shaft sleeve, through hardened to Rockwell 55C, with 0-rings at both ends, completely protects the shaft.

Interchangeable Shaft Seal
Warman pumps provide complete interchangeability of seal arrangements. Full-flush, low-flow centrifugal, or mechanical seals can be fitted to any size pump.

Centrifugal Shaft Seal
Warman’scentrifugal seal eliminates the need for a gland-water system and potential slurry contamination. More than 70% of all Warman pumps are equipped with this seal arrangement.


mps: Design Features
Front and rear shrouds have pump-out vanes. This design reduces recirculation and seal contamination. Hard metal and molded elastomer impellers are interchangeable. Cast-in impellerthreads require no impeller insert or nuts.

Outer Casing

• • • • • • • • Through-Bolt Design Minimum Number of Casing Bolts Zinc Chromate and Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts Slip-Fit Shaft Sleeve Cartridge-Type Shaft and Bearing Assembly Cast-In Impeller Threads Impeller-Release Collar on Large Models Liners Positively Attached

Casing halves of cast or ductileiron with external reinforcing ribs contain the wear liners and provide high operating pressure capabilities.

Positively Attached Liner
Hard metal liners are interchangeable with pressure molded elastomers. The elastomer liners are bolted, not bonded, to the outer casing. Elastomer seal rings back all liner joints.


Impeller Designs
A leader in manufacturing heavy-duty slurry pumpsWarman’s leadership in slurry pump design and performance assures you the highest possible return on your investment. Throughout the world, Warman pumps have established records for minimal maintenance. A wide selection of sizes, with several liner and impeller materials, permits Warman pumps to be tailored to meet your specific requirements. This means maximum pump efficiency and productivity foryour particular application. Warman’s investment in slurry pump development is your assurance of continued efficiency, dependability and profitability.



4, 5, & 6 Vane Enclosed Impellers
• • • 4 Vane Enclosed Impeller – For coarser particle slurry handling 5 Vane Enclosed Impeller – Standard for heavy-duty slurry applications 6 Vane Enclosed Impeller – For higher efficiency slurrypumping

4, 5, & 6 Vane Differential Impellers
For effective dry shaft sealing in high suction head slurry duties



˜ and ™
4, 5, & 6 Vane Semi Open Impellers
For larger particle clearances and wood tramp handling capabilities in slurries


Typical Applications
Erosion and Chemical Resistant Polymers
All wear materials are produced in Warman’s own rubber shop andfoundries worldwide. Various grades of natural rubbers, synthetic elastomers, and polyurethanes have been developed to yield optimum service lives in Warman pumps for a wide range of applications. The operating range for polymeric materials is being expanded by continuous research and development programs.

Clockwise from upper left: Warman 14/12 STAH Pump in heavy media service at a coal preparation...
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