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Advantages and drawbacks of the TV
Advantages and drawbacks of the TV Television TV is par excellence,
the mass medium more used in Ecuatorian society. 53,1 %During 1999, television beats all advertising, surpassing the 22 million, followed very far by journals added 12 million annually in advertising investment records. In addition, television has apercentage of 58,1 per cent market share. High covered benefits: reaches, almost 90 per cent of the country. Wide range of programming: programming is developed for the attention of viewers, thusenabling advertisers to decide on the most appropriate to present their warnings channel. It has a far-reaching capturing considerable public at a minimum period of time. High level of impact. It is theonly audiovisual means (along with the film), allowing a better and more complete information. Average demonstrable: have people audience measurement system meter. This system allows you to evaluatethe different channels and television programmers, by means of the rating. It is a mass medium: characterized by offering a varied programming its audience, according to the particular characteristicsof each objective, group thus, reaching each of Ecuatorian. Offers various advertising presence: apart from the commercial batches, there are commercials programs, competitions product, auspices,etc. High risk of leaving disadvantages: it is very easy that the Viewer is watching television without "observed", i.e. to not pay attention to what you are viewing. The zapping: the spectator,especially to the male public likes much pass channel by channel without finding anything than your liking, but rather, seeing a piece of each program.

La televisión es, por excelencia, elmedio masivo más utilizado en la sociedad ecuatoriana. Con un 53,1% durante 1999, la televisión bate todos los récords de inversiones publicitarias, superando los 22 millones, seguido muy de lejos...
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