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Technical Service Bulletin
January 25, 2006
Model: Monarch 938 Verifier (SV100) Subject: 938 Verifier (SV100) Setup for BCS & Apparel Author: G.Rawlins/akBoth the Apparel and BCS groups use the same verifier manufactured by RJS. The Apparel group refers to this verifier as the SV100 and it works with the Paxar 636, 676, and 686 printers. TheBCS group refers to this verifier as the Monarch 938 Verifier and it works with the Monarch 9855 and 9860 printers. The only difference between the verifiers (SV100 and Monarch 938) is theverifier’s Baud Rate: 38,400 for the SV100 and 115,200 for the Monarch 938. You can use an SV100 with a 9855/9860 printer, or the Monarch 938 with a 636/676/686 printer by setting the correct Baud Rate. Toset the Baud Rate, use ScanVision by RJS. ScanVision can be downloaded from the FTP site or directly from the RJS website at PC CommunicationsPort Setup via ScanVision 1. Connect a Null-Modem cable between the verifier and the PC’s serial port. Cable Part Number 12029355 is shipped with the Model 938 verifiers to interface between theverifier and the printer’s verifier port. 2. To match the PC’s communications port Baud Rate to the verifier’s Baud Rate, select the Setup item on the application’s Menu Bar. 3. Select Match Verifier BaudRate. ScanVision detects and matches the verifier’s Baud Rate. 4. To change the Baud Rate, select Setup and Change Verifier Baud Rate. Baud Rate 38,400 115,200 Printer 636/686 printers 9855/9860printers 115,200 is the default baud rate of the verifier

If after setting the correct Baud Rate, or the verifier does not stop a 9855/9860 printer when the verifier’s beam is blocked, change theconfiguration file. The ~LT1 command line must be set to 001.

Published by Technical Communications 2006 Paxar Americas, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A.

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