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What to do in Moscow?

1. How to get there
2. Where to stay
3. Restaurants, cafés and bars
4. Shopping in Moscow
5. Cultural Moscow
6. A night out
7. Seasonal Activities in Moscow
8. Beyond Moscow

Moscow is a bustling and quickly changing city that offers tourists a lot of choices. Whether you'd like to shop or walk on the historical Red Square, you won't bedisappointed by what Moscow has to offer. Here you will see mixing of cultures and centuries. At the one side, 19th centuries buildings and at the same moment skyscrapers in the historical center of the city.
No matter what type of traveler you are, Moscow offers many options for things to do.

1. How to get.

The shortest way is by air. From the mains airports Sheremetyevo andDomodedovo it takes about 1 hour or more by taxi (it depends from traffic). But you should be very careful with drivers. Drivers will ask you for unreal sums, just say no and offer half as much.
You can also get to the center by shuttle (fast train), it takes about 40 minutes.

2. Where to stay.

The choice of Moscow hotels is great. Price starts from 50$ per night. It all depends on yourability and wishes. If you want pretty views in the center of the city, price could start from 200$ per night. The level of service always corresponds to prices. At the hotel you can buy excursions, tickets to theaters, events, opera and ballet.
Nice staff will help you with choice of entertainments, restaurants, taxi booking and everything you could wish.

3. Restaurants, cafés and bars.You don’t loose this opportunity to eat in Moscow. Once you try Russian food, you'll want nothing else.
Russian food is full of heat and delicious meal. You should to taste all kind of meats with vegetable dressings, like pork shank, rabbit with sour cream, You can also taste famous Russian soup – Borsh, pancakes with salad or sweet dressings, ravioli with meat (it names pel’meni) and sourcream. Every food is usually served with black bread and garlic.

If you choose for your travel summer season, you can try Picnic in the Park. Moscow is a city with a lot of green spaces. Will be good choice to make break in one of them.
You will get a great choice of take away. It could be Chinese meal or some Russian food store.
If you are not gourmand you can eat at chain middle classrestaurants, where business launch coast about 10-20$. Restaurants like Mu-mu, Elki-palki, Coffee house and Shokoladnica.
Moscow is city where situated all cuisines of the world.
Almost of the best restaurants situated in the center of Moscow that offer you the world's best chefs that will be at your service.

4. Shopping in Moscow

Moscow's shopping opportunities are great. You cancombine seeking for souvenirs and walking in the center. This way you can feel Moscow.

Firs place to visit - The GUM Store near the Red Square, that has a long history, but it is now a gallery of luxury goods shops. It is located in an old historical building and it is must to see.
Than you can visit New Arbat Street. Moscow's New Arbat Street is second Arbat, that crossed with Old ArbatStreet. Lined with high-end shopping and dining establishments, Novy Arbat represents “new” Russia just as Old Arbat symbolize past times.
Old Arbat is a long street with a lot of restaurants, small souvenirs stores and tent stores, where you can find Soviet souvenirs, second hand markets with historical things and a lot of wood hand made things, book, clothing.

5. Cultural MoscowCultural activities enable the visitor to enjoy the best of Russian culture. Try out some of these culture-related things to do when you're in Moscow.

View Moscow Masterpieces: The Tretyakov Gallery is the famous museum of Russian art in the world. It houses priceless works that appear in every fundamental text about Russian art.
You should see the Bolshoi Theater. The Bolshoi (Big) Theater is a...
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