Moving on down

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Moving On Down
This article treats a topic that can be of interest for the family parents who often don’t realize that the problems that they believe don’t affect their children actually they affect them more than they believe. This happens because the adults or family parents now with the economic crisis worry more for having everything in its place and that " the money reaches " to satisfy allthe needs of the family, but what happens is that they leave aside their children and the children remain unprotected and is because of it that they see the reality that we are in a crisis where the money and saving is the most important thing already there aren’t luxuries if don’t to have money for the most important needs and is like how the children start getting into the topic, an exampleserious the fact that now the children now don’t ask of birthday for gifts now they ask for money or in Christmas they don’t ask for a robot to " Santa Claus " now they ask for a car and not in all the cases it is like that, the reality is that now the children ask for what it is going on economically to the family and is because of it that they feel a bit pressed when for them this shouldn’t be amatter they are children and they must have something more in which to worry like to enjoy their infancy, to play, to run, to jump, etc. According to the information that are mentioned in the article they are alarming since “Near half of teens 13 to 17 said that they worried more this year than last” (Physiology Today p. 61).
Simultaneously also it mentions that this can be a benefit for theteenagers is a help of which they can learn to be independent and that they must be to much of everything what happens in the current world and what they must survive this, any more it doesn’t want to say that this should work for all the teenagers it will be able to be call some the attention while to others simply their aren’t interested since their parents know that their parents are going to supportthem and depend on them to survive.
The familiar great discussions of the times are caused by the children since sometimes they question if they are sure with their family if they have a home where to live, if they have to eat and this in occasions generates conflicts that for the children can have psychological hurts or the parents simply answer them with terms that they might not understand,the parents would treat them as if they were adults making see them a different point of view from the one that has a child, the adults want to make clear that what happens is for something and that it is necessary to survive.
My opinion:
The article made me very interesting, was of my pleasure since the truth is a topic of this that sometimes you don't find in any magazine or a very polemictopic but of that you read and they leave a great message or learning you and you know that they are royal topics that happen to you or know of someone who is related to the topic of the article and it is an article that attracts you and the truth I make myself great because it is a stage in which as teenager I am living and knowing that my friends and teachers are happening for topics as this oneor that they have some relation.

“…there’s always light and there’s always tomorrow.” (Physiology Today p. 61).
Everyone have a bit of hope in every illusion that we have or I dream but we don’t know if it will be fulfilled but always we have a motivation to continue and to believe in us themselves.
“When you don’t know what to do in a problem you can’t be fixed think that there’s alwayslight and there’s always tomorrow”.

1. Hovering: to hang fluttering in the air or on the wing. To remain suspended over a place or object.
2. Turmoil: state or condition of extreme confusion, agitation or commotion.
3. Shield: to protect with or as if with a shield. Cut off from observation.
4. Rough: to subject, to abuse.
5. Boundaries: something that indicates or fixes a...
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