My thoughts on miró’s “the birth of the world”

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When looking at “The Birth of the World” the picture is plain, simple, and very basic at first look. A picture with lines and basic shapes and not much color in it. When reading the credit line youcan interpret the author’s vision of creation and birth, and how he is trying to represent and express it on the picture. At first the picture appears too big on size but small on details.
Iflooking at the painting not knowing its name it could be hard to guess what it could be about. Most of the colors used are dark, and flat, for the exception of the circles, one white and one some tone oforange. Both of the circular shapes and the big black triangle are the most attracting features and appear to be as clues for the spectator to look deeper into it. The work is made out of very basicshapes in what appears to be an environment of spaces and shadows, and the absent of light.
Although it looks so simple at first sight, it completely defines its name and purpose, “birth”. Wanting torepresent birth could be an easy task for some, but when wanting to represent “The Birth of the World” it has being a challenge for many including scientists. There is no clear or concrete and exactexplanation to how the world was formed or born. After knowing the picture’s name, noticing that those basic shapes and color were the representation of space in which the world “lives” was no trouble atall. The shape on the bottom the one attached to the white circle looks as if a woman was lying down. The yellow string looks as if connected to the woman and as if it was an umbilical cord goingfrom a mother to the orange circular balloon shape that rising and that could be seen as the world. The entire event happening in a place with a lot of space, while at the same time it projects a senseof emptiness. The black triangle appears as if it was some kind of portal or door letting everything into all of the spacious area where all the action is taking place. Not just the big shapes get...
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