The world of games

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The world of games.

Did you know that the empire of games is one of the greatest in our days? Well, that is right, and it is due to the huge amount of people that everyday spend several hours infront of their TVs or computers playing these games. Because of the time inverted in video games people´s life get affected concerning social behavior, children rising and family.
Since the beginningof the era of games, people´s time spent in video games is seriously reflected on their social life. According to Dr. William Murderface, 90% of the persons who commit crimes spend most of their freetime by playing video games. So, it is not surprising that people try to do what they see in their video games, or that they try to imitate their heroes, believing that they can fix any mess just byrestarting their consoles. Two years ago a friend of mine told me that once he saw one of his work colleges sat in his office and silently pointing everybody with his finger, like a gun. My friend alsotold me that this guy consumed the third part of his day playing online games at work. Sadly, this is one of the terrible effects caused by video games: people can´t difference fiction from reallife.
Children can also be affected by the addiction of video games if their parents do not pay attention. Tragic events like the Columbine massacre are the result of the video games influence onchildren. Nowadays, 8 out of 10 kids spend approximately three hours in front of their consoles, playing. This is nothing but the alarming reality, besides, according to an article published in thewell-known magazine Cosmopolitan, children below seven years that play or receive any influence from video games tend to be more violent that regular children, and to have socializing problems.
And not evenadults can escape from this addiction just for being older. They can also suffer the harming effect of playing video games, and as a consequence, families carry all the weight of the disgrace, going...
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