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Mr. McClain
English 98
The percentage of Americans that gets married after their mid-thirties have dramatically increased the last couple of years. Few decades ago, Americans used toget married as soon as they turned eighteen; now times have changed. Women have become more successful and they are more liberal; that is one of the biggest reasons why Americans get married older. Inthe past women's goal or dream was getting married and have family, this was due to the lack of opportunities that were denied to them in order to get a carrier and get a job. Now, things are differentand women have been winning territory and have become more successful. A plenty of laws that give women the same rights as men to become independent have been created. Now men and women are equal,have the same rights and opportunities, both can have the same dreams, goals and expectations. That is why since many years ago the percentages of Americans that get married after conclude school,achieve their personal goals, and get more mature have increase dramatically
Everyone knows the importance of getting education; however, it makes easier when people are single. Attending school absorbsmuch of student’s time in order to complete all their homework, to have time for study and to be freely for tutoring and grouping. Americans get very serious about the education issue because they knowthe monetary retributions that they will take in the near future. Even though many Americans have some stable relationships during their high education, they avoid the marriage step because theyconsider education more important for their life. They think ahead and prefer built a monetary empire before marriage in order to provide the necessary to their spouses and their children. That is whythey decide to get a carrier first, get a good job and save money before they get a huge responsibility as the marriage. Concluding school is the biggest reason why Americans get married after their...
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