Of mice and men

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The story is developed by the 30 in California in the same place where the stars work.

The main characters Lennie and George. George is a simple man, without resources or training, their greatestamusement in the letters or drink, and the house of brothels like most at that time. Lennie is mentally retarded he wants George always tell their projects. Dependent on each other. George cares forLennie that arm issues, Lennie is one big tall and strong to help George at work and physically protected. They are united by strong ties of friendship.

The antagonist of this work seems to beCurley, who hates Lennie outset to have more physical than. And who gets into several problems to both.

Secondary actors may be the wife of Curley, which is what Lennie gets into the problem because itplays with him, had a husband, and Curley is jealous and the woman gets in trouble for many workers.

The collective characters are all farm workers, both Slim, like Carlson, like Candy, Crooks.Each with its history, black marginalize him for being of another color, the old man who soon cast him because he does not do much. And all with the same dream of getting his own ranch with a bit ofsaving, and yet spent on drink, gambling houses and brothels.
Lennie and George travel to California for the American dream to find work at a farm.

The story tells about Lennie, Lennie likes to petsoft things so look for mice, rabbits, dogs and puppies to have them in hand, but causes more power sooner or later killed. Both get jobs on the farm of a former boxer named Curley, and his wife seekscontact with some of the workers. Fortunately, George is well aware that we should not enter those rags and comfort from time to time in the brothel and is dedicated only to work and watch over Lennie.In addition, he has the desire to buy a small plot to grow and solve your life and that of Lennie, and gets him to join an old man who works on the farm and you just get money for an accident which...
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