Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men
Jose Saenz

In nature, if a morning dove does not find his mate for life, it will die, because they weren't meant to be alone. People who has been alone for a long timetend to go crazy, have hallucinations or commit suicide. Isolation is present in several movies, TV shows, and books. In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck through all the story he showsthat being lonely or unloved are the worst punishment a human being can receive.
All along the book, one of the most concrete and clear example is the physical segregation Crooks had to go through. Thebook takes place during the great depression a particular period of time in which race was a main factor for segregation and discrimination. Because of Crooks color he didn't get a bunk bed witheveryone else, "he kept his distance and demanded the other people to keep theirs" (Steinbeck 67). By the way Crooks acts and talk, you can see a clear hate towards white people because of the way he wastreated, to the point that he could not be able to play cards with the rest of the workers, and when Lennie asked why he was not able to play with them he answered "Cause I'm Black. They play cardsthere but I can't because I'm black." (Steinbeck 68). He is alone literally, and the fact of not having anybody to talk or to count on, is rotting him, filling him up with hate, and making him hostile.Even when a complete stranger like Lennie is knocking at his door trying to be nice he just shows how isolation made him hostile to no matter who by answering "Well, you go see your pup then. Don'tcome in a place where you're not wanted" (Steinbeck 69), the way everyone treats him changed his way to, into a complete defensive and rejecting way to scare people away, even though he does not realizethat company is what he needs to be happy. This hostile attitude is shown while Lennie is trying to have a nice conversation with him, but Crooks enjoys seeing Lennie worried just when he said...
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