Of Mice And Men

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It has been said that ‘Of Mice and Men is sad but not entirely pessimistic. Do you feel that John Steinbeck shows any hope and optimism about life? Explain andsupport your reasons with detail from the text.
The writer of the novel “Of Mice and Men”, John Steinbeck, refers, in several moments of it, to the dream the main characters hope to conclude and so,creates a sense of optimism, and its remarkable to say that during the story, George and Lennie are each time closer to build what they had thought on. The relationship between them is quite unique andimportant and allows the reader to think, that the only way of concluding their dream is keeping working together. Moreover, the friendship
To begin with, I think that the project George and Lenniewant to build up gives a sense of hope because it shows that they have aspirations in their life. It means their paradise and they are convinced that they are going to get the money to buy that placeand let their dream become true. Moreover, the fact that the writer creates the sense that each time the dream is progressively becoming closer to be concluded, transmits an optimistic atmosphere.This idea is shown by “Jesus Christ, I bet we could swing her”, and the excited tone the sentence has reinforces that optimism. There is a crucial aspect related to what the quote says: Candy’s help;when they arrive to bunk and his economic help to build their own farm. This is important to show that there are still people that want to help although they are not obliged to. This element is hopefulbecause it gives the sense that although the vast majority of people develop their life on their own and they don’t believe in anyone, there are still exceptions on who they can trust on and enjoylife together.
Furthermore, the relationship between George and Lennie is an aspect of the story that gives them hope for developing their lives, as they complement each other. Although George is more...
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