Of mice and men

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1. What does the bunk house look like?
Inside the bunk, there were eight bunks, a black iron stove and a big table with playing cards.

2. What does the boss say about Lennie?
The boss said: “He ain’t much of talker, is he?”

3. What does George say about Lennie to the boss?
“No, he ain’t, but he is a hell of a good worker. As strong as a bull”

4. Whatcolour do people say a bull likes best?

5. How does the old grey sheepdog walk?
The sheepdog walked I a slow and heavy way and with difficulty to the side of room.

6. What colour are his eyes?
Blind old eyes of no special colour.

7. What sort of a person is Curley?
Is a serious fighting. He is quick with his hands. He is like a lot of little guys; he hates big guysbecause he ain’t big.

8. What does Candy think of Curley’s wife?
He thinks Curley’s married a “tart”.

9. Is Lennie a fighter? Is Curley?
No, Lennie isn’t a fighter, he is just strong but Curley’s a serious fighter.

10. Who does George play cards with? What does this tells us about George?
He played alone, with himself. He played solitaire, like his life.

Questions1. What must Lennie do if he gets into troubles?
He has to go to down by the river and hide in the brush.

2. What do you think: is Curley’s wife a “tart”?
Yes, she is.

3. What colour does she use most?
Red, I think.

4. How does Lennie see her?
Lennie’s eyes moved down over her body and he could not take his ayes off her.

5. What does Georgetell Lennie about her?
George said that she’d probably leave from there for 20$.

6. Talk about Slim
He moved like a king’s son, or like a man who really knows his job. He was a driver. The prince of the ranch. He was so serious and quit that all talk stopped when he spoke.

7. Slim say, “Not many guys travel around together.”
What reason does he suggest?Because it was an era in which each person struggled to survive. They travelled from place to place seeking work.

8. What do you think: is George afraid of anyone?
Yes, but he is afraid because he does not want that somebody come and make hurt to Lennie.

9. What does Carlson want to do to Candy’s old dog?
He wants shoot him.

Chapter 3.1

1. What happened by theSacramento River?
George said to Lennie, “Jump in” and he jumps. Couldn’t swim at all. He was nearly dead before they pulled him out. And he was so dam nice to George for pulling him out. He forgot George told him to jump in.

2. What colour was the girl’s dress in weed?

3. What are Slim’s eyes like?

4. What do you think: does Carlson like animals?
Yes, helikes but the dog is too old and can’t with himself.

5. What does Carlson do to the dog in the end? How?
He shot him, right in the back of the head with a Luger pistol, so he felt nothing.

6. Who is Crooks? What does he call Slim?
He is the only black man on the ranch. He called Slim because Lennie is playing whit his puppies

7. What does Whit say about Curley’swife?
He has never seen anybody like her; she’s giving everybody the eye all the time.

8. Who is Susy? Do you think she knows Curley’s wife?
She has a “whorehouse” and the guys think that Susy is a good fun.

Chapter 3.2

1. Whit said,”he spends half his time looking for her, and the rest of the time she is looking for him.”

2. They see their future home like alittle place with a small house and chickens. There is a garden. There are fruits trees. There is a place for alfalfa, and a plenty of water for it. There are pigs and rabbits.

3. Well, A person who have a dream always is trying do a lot of thing to do this dream come true, and George and Lennie are working really hard to do their dreams true and I think they can do that, and if not is...
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