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i. Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions:
Every Monday I get up _____ 8:00 am.Then I brush my teeth and eat breakfast. After that I go to school at DUOC. I usually eat lunch _______ 2:00 and ____ the afternoon I go to English class. After English class, I go home and do myhomework ______ it is time to eat dinner. Finally ____ 11:00 _____ night, I go to bed.

2. Likes and Dislikes: Write two sentences using the information below and the words AND/BUT.
||Valparaíso |Romantic Movies |Pizza |
|George |Yes |No|Yes |
|You | | | |1. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
3. Fill in the conversation below:
Alex: Hi, I’m Alex. _________________________?
Jeff: It´s Jeff._______________________________.
Alex: Nice to meet you too. Where ___________________?
Jeff: I´m from Illinois.
Alex: Wow, the midwest! I am from Minneapolis! ____________ from Chicago?
Jeff: Yes I am.What ___________________ in Minneapolis?
Alex: I´m a teacher. I ____________________________. _______ you go to school in Chicago?
Jeff: No, I just graduated. Now I am ___________________. I________________.
Alex: _______ you like it?
Jeff: ______________________________________________________________.

4. Answer the following questions:
1. Who´s your father´s favorite...
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