Operations And Supply Chain Management

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“Operations and Supply Chain Management”
What is operations and supply chain management?
Operations and supply chain management (OSCM) is defines as the design, operations and improvement of thesystems that create and deliver the firm’s primary products and services. OSCM is concerned with the management of the entire system that produces a good or delivers a service.
Operations refers tomanufacturing, service, and health care processes that are used to transform the resources employed by a firm into products desired by customers.
Supply chain refers to processes that move informationand material to and from the manufacturing and service processes of the firm. These include the logistics processes that physically move product and the warehousing and storage processes thatposition products for quick delivery to the customer.
Supply in this context refers to providing goods and service to plants and warehouses at the input end, and also the supply of goods and service to thecustomer on the output end of the supply chain.
Another element of OSCM is the supply and demand planning needed to manage and coordinate the manufacturing, service, and supply chain processes.These involve forecasting demand, making intermediate-term plans for how demand will be met, controlling different types of inventory, and detailed weekly scheduling of processes.
Operations and supplychain processes.
1. Planning consists of the processes needed to operate and existing supply chain strategically. Here a firm must determine how anticipated demand will be met with availableresources.
2. Sourcing involves the selection of suppliers that will deliver the goods and services needed to create the firm’s product.
3. Making is where the major product is produced or the serviceprovided. These step requires scheduling processes for workers and the coordination of material and other critical resources such as equipment to support producing or providing the service.
4. Delivering...
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