Planeación De Una Clase De Inglés

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|ASIGNATURA |PRÓPOSITOS |RASGOS |SECUENCIA DIDÁCTICA | COMPETENCIAS E INDICADORES PARA || | | | |EVALUAR ||English |The purpose of this unit is to enable |The present continuous structure |+ I will write the song of |Students can use some verbal and / non |
||students to give and obtain |indicates actions that are in progress|“martinillo” but, using some verbs, |verbal information to ease and enrich |
||information about possessions and to |at the moment of speaking. That there |then, I’m going to sing the song and |communication. (Can rely on gestures, |
||describe actions that are in progress |are differences in word order in |they have to sing with me and act the |facial expressions and visual context. |
||at the moment of speaking. |statements and questions (eg. He is |song. |(Can rely on background noise, tone of |
|| |wearing a uniform… is he wearing a | |voice). Students can recognize wh |
|| |uniform?). changes in spelling at the |+ I will give them a piece of paper |confused and cope with not being able |
|| |end of verbs in the present participle|with some verbs and They will write |to understand parts of written / oral |
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