Planeamiento estratégico

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Strategic Marketing and Planning

Strategic Marketing Management
w The mark of an excellent company is how it responds to a continuously changing environment w Benefits of planning
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management becomes proactive facilitates integration communicates management intent ensures activities are goal-oriented monitor progress towards goals

Strategic Planning
w Strategic planning isthe managerial process of developing and maintaining a viable fit between the organisation’s objectives and resources, and its changing market opportunities w The aim of strategic planning is to shape and reshape the company’s businesses and products to produce satisfactory profits and growth

Planning hierarchy
Three levels: w Corporate strategic plan w Strategic Business Unit plan w Marketingplan

Corporate Level

Corporate Strategy • Mission and vision • Objectives • Business portfolio strategy • Resource development • Corporate values

The Strategy Hierarchy

Corporate Strategic Plans

Strategic Business Unit Level

SBU Strategy

Functional Level of Marketing Strategy SBU Marketing objectives Product markets strategies

SBU Strategy • Business definition •Objectives • Product market portfolio • Competitive strategy • Resource allocation and management

SBU Strategy

Corporate strategic planning concerns the organisation as a whole and ultimately deals with the allocation of funds across SBUs and returns generated on those funds

R&D Strategy Technology Product development

Production and operation strategy

Finance and administration StrategyHuman resources Strategy

Steps in Strategic Planning
Corporate Level Defining the Company Mission

w 4 planning activities
Defining Company Objectives and Goals Designing the Business Portfolio
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define mission identify SBUs analyse and evaluate the current portfolio of businesses identify new business arenas to enter

Business Level

Planning, Marketing and OtherFunctional Strategies

Strategic Business Units
w The mission statement provides direction for the company
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What business are we in? Who do we serve? What benefits do we provide?

w Elaborating on the mission w The mission statement acts as an invisible hand to guide geographically remote operations

w Companies too often describe their business in terms of a product they make w Levittargues that a business must be viewed as a customer-satisfying process, not a goods-producing process w SBU business domain (Abell) w Purpose is to assign strategic planning responsibilities to these units

w The General Electric (GE) approach w Definition of SBUs can be at any level of the company w At the corporate level, decisions are made concerning which SBUs to build, maintain,harvest, and divest

Planning tools
GE Business Screen w If either market attractiveness or business strength is weak, the company will not produce outstanding results w SBUs have a life cycle w May be used to forecast SBU position w Corporate decisions (Build;Hold;Harvest;Divest)

The GE Planning Grid
Business Strength

Strategic Planning Gap
The output of portfolio analysis ofSBUs is the identification of any gaps between future desired sales and projected sales. If a gap exists, corporate management must plan to either develop or acquire new businesses to fill the gap

Industry Attractiveness

Strong High





Closing the strategic gap
w Major classes of growth opportunities
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Corporate, Business and Marketing StrategyModel
• Business portfolio • Capital investments and resource allocation • Corporate culture • Corporate structure Corporate Strategy • Building core competencies Focus Economic value added Shareholde r Value

Intensive growth Integrative growth Diversification growth

• Product/market portfolio Business Strategy • Resource allocation • Distinctive competencies • Product- markets • Developing...
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