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1. How was the serpent?
The serpent was the most cautious of all wild beasts.
2. Do serpents talk in ancient times?
No the serpents didn’t talkin ancient times it is metaphorical
3. It is possible to exist in really a tree of knowledge of good and bad? Why such trees?
Isn’t possible that in really exist a tree of knowledge and a tree oflife.
The tree of knowledge refers to the evolution. The tree of life refers to the eternal life and it will be when people have a pure heart.
4. Why does the serpent say it will happen if they eat ofthe tree of knowledge?
The serpent said to the woman “You positively will not die”
5. The serpent said that they will be like God knowing…
They will be like God knowing the good and bad.
6. Thewoman saw that the tree was good for?
The woman saw that the tree was good for food and desirable to sight.
7. Who ate the fruit of the tree first?
The woman ate first of the tree.
8. What kind offruit it was?
It wasn’t a fruit.
9. What happen when they heard the voice of God for the first time?
When they heard the voice of God for first time they realized they were naked and therefore theyhide of Him.
10. Who the man blamed for having eating of the fruit?
The man blamed the woman.
11. The woman ate of the tree because she wanted…
The woman ate of the tree because she wanted tobecome more wiser.
12. Changes in evolution of the serpent? (enmity)
The changes in evolution of the serpent were she will go on her belly, she will feel enmity, and learned to bruise the man in theheel.
13. Changes in the woman?
The changes in the woman were the increase in the pregnancy pains, and that she will be dominated by her husband.
14. Changes in the man?
The man realized that he hadto work to get food.
15. The man learned to kill serpents?
By bruising the serpent’s head.
16. God said “Here man has become like one of us knowing…
The good and bad.
17. Let him not eat of...
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