Pruchase methods

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There are three different ways to make purchases on EBay, in the next text we are going to explain each one.


It is the most widely used format for purchase on EBay. Vendors offer their goods to the highest bidder.

The buyer must conduct a search of item that is wanted. Once found it is important to be fixed in several points:

1. End timebidding.
2. How many bids have been made
3. What is the highest bid
4. Read with attention description of the good.
5. To explore different ways of payment and shipping.

The buyer must offer a higher amount for the previous article that the bidders.
EBay staff that the bid will automatically increase the minimum necessary to keep the customer as the highest bidder. May eventuallyenable the purchaser to purchase the item for a price lower than their maximum bid, you get to your
Maximum bid price or that another buyer who offered a higher amount takes the item.

All bids are active until the announcement is over and the winning bidder is obliged to complete the transaction.

Before bidding, you must register. Registration is free and easy.

A. How to bid:

Bidding onthe item you’re interested in is easy:

1. If the ad convinces you and you want to bid, simply click the Place Bid button on the page
2. Enter your maximum bid.
3. Click the Continue button.
4. Reviewed the bid and press the Confirm Bid button.

B. Automatic bidding system (eBay Classic):

When you bid, we suggest you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for theitem. (Not always have to pay that price.) Classic eBay compares your bid with other bidders and increases for you as necessary to keep you as high bidder:

-Bid Increments: The eBay bidding system is based on increments Classic. A bid increment is the amount by which the current bid is raised each time it is passed.
-Automatic bidding system: eBay Classic uses an automatic biddingsystem to facilitate the process.
-Bid safely: eBay Classic for bids that exceed certain limits, EBay guarantees the privacy of the identity assigned pseudonyms to bidders.

C. Tips for successful bidding:

1. No bid for the same item in different listings if you just want to buy one. If you win both, the buyer is obliged to buy them.

2. If you have been outbid on an item, werecommend waiting until the auction before bidding for a similar. If the buyer has bid the exceeded Withdrawals

3. To change the bid amount, you must type a new amount and click the link "Back to the article" link at the bottom of the page. Then insert the new bid amount. Bid button.

D. Outbid:

When a buyer offers a maximum bid higher than another, you outbid.

E. Change Bid:

There is thepossibility to vary the bid as the buyer wants.

F. Pre-approved buyers:

Sometimes, for some important announcements, Classic eBay allows the seller to create a list of pre-approved vendors to restrict your ads to a specific group of buyers. By bidding on an ad with a list of pre-approved buyers, the following occurs:

• If you are listed: the bidding process will be normal.
• If you are notlisted: you will notice that the advertisement is restricted and can not bid on the item. If you are interested in the article, contact the seller to ask that you add to the list.

G. Blocked Bidder:

A seller can deny access to your ads to specific bidders. Blocked bidders receive an error message informing them that they are not allowed to bid on that seller's listings.

H. Shill bidding:Shill bidding consist of the deliberate use of secondary registrations, aliases, family, friends or associates to artificially raise the bidding on an item. EBay Classic strictly prohibits bid-rigging. Classic eBay users who are caught fraudulently bidding may receive warnings or indefinite suspensions.


The easiest way to buy. This is a normal purchase, purchase an item at...
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