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Eureka Consultancy – country choice
Reiss expansion project
Version 0.3


Eureka Consultancy wants to thank Mister Bakker for coaching the projectgroup, Mister Spruit for explaining the Reiss business, Mister El-Yalte for knowing and using the search methods and MisterReijenga for explain the marketingresearch. Further we want to thank the many sites and contacts we used for choosing the best country for Reiss to expand to.


Foreword 1. Introduction 2. Who is our customer 3. Mind map 4. Quick scan 1. Reiss has access to 2. Market size for Reiss 3. Profitability 5. Internal research 5.1 Value chain of Porter 5.2 Business portfolio capabilities6. Variables and 12C model for Attractivness 7. Risk matrix 8. Business portfolio attractivness 10. Result of BPM 12. Choice of country Appendix I Sources Appendix II Business model Appendix III Country information III 5 6 8 10 10 11 12 13 13 14 15 19 20 24 25 26 27 29


1. Introduction
The aim of this report is the Reiss expansion project to a foreign country. Reiss has an important partof the UK market, but Reiss will not grow significantly more in this market. This is one of the reasons why they want to expand abroad and do business. Te goal of Reiss is to start a fashion chain abroad and make 5% more turn over in three years. Reiss wants also achieve an internal rate of 8% in three years. The main goal of this report is to choice the best country to go. The structure of thisreport will be following. The first chapter is this introduction, in the second chapter there will be explained who the customer is and in the following chapter is the mind map with the 7W’s. When we know our customer and his demands we will do a quick scan to narrow down the number of countries in chapter four. In chapter five we will discuss the internal capabilities and the value chain ofPorter. The following phase will be the variable criteria and the 12 C model in chapter six. Eureka Consultancy will use it to narrow the country possibilities down to three countries. After this phase there will be a more detailed search for the best country. In chapter seven and eight the research for the best country choice will be described in more detail. First the risk matrix will be used andsecondly the business portfolio model will be used. The last chapter will be with the choice and the argumentation about the country. The whole report is based on the research for finding out the best compatible country for Reiss to do business. To understand the Eureka study more, there is a process flow beneath.
Who is our customer? Mind map 7W's

•Fase 1: understanding customer

Quick scan•Fase 2: 200 to max. 10 countries
Variables for country choice 12C Framework

•Fase 3: max 10 to best 3 countries

Risk Matrix

•Fase 4 : choice the best country

Business portfolio matrix County choice

•Fase 5: working out the best country


2. Who is our customer
2.1 About Reiss
Reiss is a company dedicated to the fashion menswear and womenswear. It was established in theearly 1970s in London. The Reiss brand designs and produces clothes for people between 18-40 years old with affordable prices, successfully combining good design and quality. This brand is considered as a bridge between the high street and international designer brands, so for example, Reiss is in the middle of the market between companies with low prices (Ted Baker and Zara) and companies with highprices (Armani, Joseph). However, there are companies with the same prices (Boss and Jigsaw). In this company, values as vision, energy, imagination, flair and creative abilities are very important to get the success.

Reiss has a professional management team, with different departments (operations, creative and design, production and financial) and later, the merchandising department. This...
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