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INGLES the email again. Answer the following questions and give the correct information.

a. did rita have a terrible time?

b.did she see dolphins?____________________________

c.did she visit a zoo?

d.did she filmher vacation?
____________________________ metropolitan intherviewed beth.a. when did she work at fund world?


c.did she like her job?

d.what was the prize?____________________________

3.ask a friend, stuart,abaut his summer vacation.
Write the cuestions in the dialog.
David: What___________________?
Stuart: on my summer vacation? I worked.David: where__________________?
Stuart: at a supermarket.
David: did____________________?
Stuart: yes,i liked very much.
David: why___________________?
Stuart: i liked it because i met theother guys thatworked there.

4.answer the following:
a. was Charles drawing?__________________
b. was Eve doing her homework?____________________
c.Were Eric and George making atent?
d.Was Melissa putting on some make- up?
e. Was Agnes watching television?

5. lisent again and circle true (t) or false (f)

1.Mr. Williams wasat home last night at ten o´clock t f
2.He was driving past the park t f
3.he saw three ment f
4.the men escaped t f
5.the head prision guard was watching tv when it happed t f6.unscrable the sentences to write a desription of the scene

a. /was/shining/sun/the/
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