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The case nespresso

Another example of a company that has built its succes on developing and exploiting a unique strategic position is the Nextlé subsidiary Nespresso.Nespresso represents on of themost innovativeproduts developed by swiss giant Nestle.The product is basically a system that allows the consumer to produce a fresh cup

stategic Choices Made at edward jones
The who Who should Itarget as customers?
Target individual investors rather than institucional investors

Target individuals who live in aereas where there is a sense of community

the what what products orservices should I offer
offer transparent, long term products such as large-cap equities and highly rated bonds.Never sell risky initial public offerings or commodity futures.

The how
How can I bestdeliver these services to these customers
Never manufacturemy own products act only as distributor

But only from a few reputable suplliers (such as capital research and morgan stanleyoperate as one person offices located in the community

remain a patner ship

focus on the en customer not the broker
of espresso coffe at home.though simple in appearance and use,Nestle spent more than ten years developing it
The system consists of two parts: a coffee capsule and a machine
The coffe capsule is hermetically sealed in aluminum and contains a
5 grams (aboutone teaspoon) of roasted and ground coffe.

The machine has four parts a handle, a water container, a pump and an electrical heating system

the use of the nespresso system is straightforward.thecoffee capsule is placed in the handle, which is then inserted into the body of the machine .the act of inserting the handle
El caso nespresso

Otro ejemplo de una empresaque ha construido su éxito en el desarrollo y utilización de una posición estratégica única es la filial Nespresso.Nespresso Nextlé representa una de las más desarrolladas por innovativeproduts...
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