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_____1. trail a. sonido sordo (make a long deep sound)
_____2. team b. refugio (place providing protection)
_____3. sled c. tormenta (severestorm with snow)
_____4. steep d. correa (strap for holding an animal)
_____5. descent e. voluntario (to offer or give)
_____6. race f. apertura (to crowd into a block)
_____7.limping g. cojear (to walk in an unstead way)
_____8. jam h. correr (a competition of speed)
_____9. volunteer i. decender (to go from high to low)
_____10. leash j.inclinación abrupta
_____11. blizzard k. trineo (vehicle mounted on runners)
_____12. refuge l. equipo (two or more animals harness to a sled)
_____13. rumble m. camino que uno sigue (tofollow a track)

Story Elements Story Akiak
What is the title? _______________________________________________________
Who is the author? _____________________________________________________What is the setting? _____________________________________________________
Who are the characters? _________________________________________________
What was the problem?__________________________________________________
What was the solution? __________________________________________________

_____ People put out food for her.
_____ Akiak hurt her paw.
_____This was Akiak last race because she was old.
_____ Akiak won the race.
_____ She found her team.
_____ Akiak ran the trail by herself.
_____ Akiak jumped and pulled and snapped.

Fact andOpinion
_____________ Akiak was ten years old.
_____________ I like dogs.
_____________ Akiak hurt her paw.
_____________ I like Siberian Husky dogs.
_____________ People fed Akiak._____________ I keep my dog clean.
_____________ Akiak found her team.
______________ Akiak team won the race.
______________ Siberian Husky are strong dogs.
______________ Akiak drank ice water.
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