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José Ignacio Jiménez Saborit
January 25, 2011
Two Angles of Vision
Part A: Positive Description
Positive Description
As I came into my room, the first thing I saw was the F.CBarcelona’s flag, that is one of my favorite teams in the world and it cheers me up because I remember they are having a great season. On one side of the flag are my roommate Joan favorite soccer teamsshirts, they are hanged on the walls that are also from good European teams. Aside the F.C Barcelona flag and the shirts in the window room is the photograph of my family that is in Mexico that I miss. Thecomfortable blankets in my bed are calling me to take a relaxing nap but I need to finish my essay so that I can hold a little more. Some of the things I like more of my room is that we have amicrowave and a refrigerator so if we buy some food we can storage it and cook it later. There is something that I like very much of my apartment and it’s the illumination, it’s very good, it has three lampsvery well placed
Part B: Negative Description
Negative Description
As comfortable as it has a bad side when Joan is at his computer listening music with a high volume, but that is bothering meand it disturb me with my essay. The smell of humans mixed with ramen soup is very strong in my room because we been here all the time: Ignacio the other roommate is playing FIFA 2011 and Joan is eatingramen all the time. To find a place where to put my stuff is very difficult because Juan’s belongings are all over. The two twin size beds are undone so it’s not nice scenery. The window has a littleleak that allows a small flow of the arctic cold air into the room; it’s like if penguins were visiting us.
Part C: Rhetoric Analysis
In the positive description I used the “Barcelona F.C. flag”because it is my favorite soccer team flag. Then the “soccer team shirts” it reflects that I love this sport and that my room is a place where I can feel comfortable there. The “photograph of my...
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