Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Movie Questions

1. What is Romeo’s last name?
2. What is Juliet’s last name?
3. What city does the story take place?4. What will happen if the streets are disturbed again?
5. Why is Romeo upset?
6. Where do Romeo and Benvolio decide to go?
7. What does Paris want from Lord Capulet?
8.Where do Romeo and Juliet meet?
9. What does Lord Capulet tell Tybalt about Romeo being there?
10. What do Romeo and Juliet discover about each other?
11. Where does Romeo go afterthe party?
12. What does Romeo tell Juliet will happen tomorrow?
13. What does Juliet give to Romeo before he leaves?
14. What is in the flower that Friar Lawrence is taking about?15. What doe Romeo ask the Friar to do?
16. What result is Friar Lawrence hoping for?
17. Does Friar Lawrence agree to do it?
18. How does Juliet find out the plan/
19. Whatproblem did Tybalt cause?
20. Where are Romeo and Juliet to meet each other again?
21. Why can’t Romeo hurt Tybalt?
22. What happens to Mercutio?
23. What threat does Mercutiogive?
24. What does Romeo do to Tybalt?
25. Who does Benvolio say started the problem?
26. What happens to Romeo when he is found?
27. What is Lady Capulet suppose to theJuliet?
28. How does Juliet respond to her mother?
29. What does her father say about the situation?
30. What is Nurse’s advice for Juliet?
31. What is the Nurse suppose to tellJuliet’s parents?
32. What is Friar Lawrence planning to do?
33. What will happen to Juliet?
34. How will Romeo know?
35. What happened to the letter?
36. What is Balthazar’smessage to Romeo?
37. Where does Romeo go?
38. What does Romeo do when he sees Juliet?
39. What does Juliet do after she sees Romeo?
40. What happened to all the citizens of Verona?
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