Saharawi conflict

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- Saharawi’s Republic general characteristics: controversial perception, location, definition.

- Antecedents

How did the conflict for this country begin? Another case where reach the independence isn´t “so easy”…

- The main points about the problem: an unrecognized independence (against the interests), What about self determination? What´shappening? Human right violation.

- How are other countries trying to solve the problem? : Recognition of other countries and the role of Saharawi in the international scene, African Union.

- How are the international organizations trying to solve the problem: United Nations: death plan? Deprive of hope?

Essay: The Arab Saharawi Republic: and the problem continues…

The ArabSaharawi Republic is one of the most controversial countries in the matter of independence and the capacity to choose its form of government and the lack of freedom and recognition from other countries. It is located in Africa, and its borders are in the North Morocco, in the West the Atlantic Ocean and in the East Algeria. Saharawi has been defined as a multi-party democracy with a market economy withMuslim, African and Arab people, and the Arabic language as the official.

The whole conflict began when it was trying to reach its independence from Spain and its colonizer left it in the jurisdiction of Morocco and Mauritania because of the agreements and deals it had made. Nowadays Morocco is the one that rules the majority of the country’s territory, although this power isn’trecognized by the main international organizations since Saharawi claimed its independence in 1976 changing its antique name to the actual one: Arab Republic of Saharawi. And there we have another case where reaching the independence is far away from being easy and fair because of the interest of the powerful ones who don´t care about how many human rights should be violated.

Now we have toleave clear what is the self determination right and how does this relate to this problem. Self determination right is the freedom where a country has to choose its government, supporting its development in every possible way without requiring the intervention of foreign countries/forces and always supporting equality above everything else.

Sahrawis, who live on 85 per cent of the territorycontrolled by Morocco, enjoy better material conditions, thanks to important investments that the kingdom has done –it can´t be denied- however, it is almost impossible for them to express opinions that are not pro-Moroccan. Rabat violently stifles any claim of independence, frequently resorting to torture and arbitrary arrests, including against human rights activists and internationaldelegations and journalists have been, no more, no less, expelled.

Sahrawi clandestine immigration has not stopped increasing. The repressive practices of the Moroccan security forces are the principal cause of this phenomenon. Indeed, and since May 2005, several young Sahrawi people, victims of Moroccan repression, threatened with torture by Moroccan security officials, were encouraged to leavethe territory, and told they would not be intercepted by the Moroccan royal navy. The case of fifteen Sahrawi disappeared, potential immigrants, remains open. There are still suspicions surrounding involvement of certain Moroccan security services according information that the families have been able to collect continuously.
Several young Sahrawi people have confirmed that they wereencouraged, and threatened, to leave the territory by Moroccan authorities. This is in the interest of Morocco to clear Western Sahara of as many young Sahrawis as possible given their participation in demonstrations calling for the right of self-determination.(1)
As we can see now the problem is based on Saharawi’s independence that hasn’t been recognized and the incredible suppression from...
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