Santa Anna

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The Independence of Mexico was this huge weapon movement or guerrilla that threw out some characters. Some of them were so important leaders that fight very bravelyto set freedom, but as a roller coaster, everything has to fall. So in the barely seen future some of them died, leaving the hopes of the groups and others survive leading the new future of thenation. Not only everything was bright and happiness, the past and history of these three characters fortified the start of our government.

Iturbide: A lot of people think that he was the devil in personhe just tried to change minds and put the bases of the government.
I leaned that we has not always the great emperor; born in Michoacán, a town with low economy and religious, he was not willing somuch to defeat the Spanish colony.
He wanted to join the insurgent’s adversaries, not because of the ideology but because of their lack of strategies, army, weapons and skill. After being destroyedalmost all the Spanish forces he decided to change ideology so he with others created the Plan de Iguala. And after the end of Independence he joined Guerrero to create the first government and triedalways to eliminate discriminations. Between debated he conform the first empire in Mexico, leaving a bigger controversy in Mexico’s minds confirming his exile.

Guadalupe Victoria while being thefirst president of the Federal Republic awoke a lot of enemies: the Centralists. His government was not easy, he had lack of confidence and strategies, but with the help of others he improve a littlebit to Mexico. For example his Particular Secretary José María Tornell joined his impressionist mind with Victoria’s one. He was always with the good ones, the liberals so all the time he helpedVictoria to think about the fight between United States and Texas expanding.
And after all the traps and obstacles on Victoria’s government his name was honrated in so many places.

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