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“Considered the Nobel prize of manufacturing, the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing... awards...sites that have achieved dramatic performance improvements....” Business Week

Application Guidelines 2003-2004

Board of Governors
The Board of Governors consists of leading representatives of businesses,professional organizations and academic institutions. The Board oversees fund raising and other financial activities, guides Prize governance, establishes Prize guidelines and ratifies Prize recipients based upon the recommendations of the Board of Examiners. Members are chosen based on their expertise and willingness to endorse and promote the principles and mission of the Shingo Prize.

• Russ Scaffede, Vice President of Manufacturing Tiara Yachts, Division of S2 Chair Anne Stevens, Vice President, North America Vehicle Operations, Ford Motor Company Vice Chair George Koenigsaecker, President, Lean Investments, LLC Past Chair • Ross E. Robson, Executive Director, Shingo Prize, Utah State University • Carl Thor, President, JarrettThor International Chair, Business Boardof Examiners

• • • • • • • • • • Caryn L. Beck-Dudley, Dean, College of Business, Utah State University Jerry Bussell, Vice President of Operations, Medtronic Xomed Art Byrne, Operating Officer, J.W. Childs Associates Douglas F. Carlberg, Chairman of the Board, M2 Global Technology, Ltd. Gary Convis, President, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky Carolyn Corvi, VicePresident-General Manager, 737 Programs, The Boeing Company Timothy A. Costello, President & CEO, Builder Homesite Michael N. DaPrile, Executive Vice President, SW Manufacturing and Toyota TMMA Joe Day, Former Chief Executive Officer, Freudenberg-NOK Bruce Hamilton, President, Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership Vice Chair, Business Board of Examiners Michael Joyce, Corporate Vice President,LM21 Operating Excellence, Lockheed Martin • • • Art Learmonth, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, Maytag David J. Logozzo, Executive Director, Lean Enterprise, Delphi Corporation Mark Loscudo, Plant Manager, Wilson Sporting Goods Company Chair, Shingo Prize Advocates Dennis Pawley, Chairman and CEO, Pawley Enterprises, LLC and Former Executive Vice President of Manufacturing, DaimlerChryslerJames H. Pell, Vice President and General Manager for North American Operations, Johnson Controls, Inc. David Rowlands, Vice President for Quality, Xerox Corporation Richard J. Schonberger, President, Schonberger & Associates, Inc. John Shook, President, TWI-Network and Senior Advisor, Lean Enterprise Institute Harold M. Simons, Executive Vice President-Manufacturing, O.C. Tanner Company Alejandro vonRossum, President, Chemical Division, Grupo CYDSA, Monterrey, Mexico

• • • • •

2003 Business Recipients
Small Business Recipient

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Large Business Recipients

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2003 Business finalists
Finalists are Shingo Prize business applicants that receive high scores during theAchievement Report evaluation process and are awarded a site visit by the Board of Examiners.

Arvin Meritor, Columbus, Indiana Collins & Aikman, Port Huron, Michigan Delphi Automotive Systems, Columbus Operations, Columbus, Ohio Delphi Automotive Systems, Saginaw Steering Plant, Saginaw, Michigan Freudenberg-NOK, Northfield, New Hampshire

Harley-Davidson, Pilgrim Road Operations,...
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