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This essay deals with a description of a means of transport, I have to describe to ship. I talk about their history, evolution, types and uses is given and make significant descriptions.History and Evolution: It is said that man has used boats for thousands of years, they have record of more than 100.000 years that man was transported in water. He started using tree trunks, which werebuoyant, then involved: To be encouraged and not drift, used the paddle, then discovered that I could push wind power with less effort and more effectively, then created the rudder to give direction.It is from here that man through time and through technological advances, is making improvements to their boats to get to the big boats that we have today.

Definition: a large wind-driven orengine-powered vessel designed to carry passengers or cargo over water, especially across the ocean.

Type of ship (with use)
Then will talk about the most important types of ship, with their respectiveuse. It is understood that all serve as means of transport.
-Container ship: they are very important because they are transported in containers all over the world. In the containers transportedfood, merchandise and other objects.
-Submarine: they are a very special type of ship, as it i sable to navigate under water in addition to the surface, because it as a variable buoyancy system. It isused to explore the seabed, also in search of shipwrecks and mainly as a military weapon.
-Cruise: they are the largest warships there (along with the aircraft). The largest measures about 330 meterslong. Its use is exclusively for tourism. Trek all over the world with about 5000 passengers on board. There are hundreds of attractions, including hotels, restaurants, pools, casinos, sports courtsfor, among many others.

Description: the current ship is made of steel. All boats have specific parts:
Smokestack or funnel, stern, propeller and rudder, portside, anchor, bulbous bow, bow, deck,...
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