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Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the spiral bacteria calledTreponema pallidum. Syphilis consists of three main stages, primary stage, secondary stage, and latent stage. The latent stage may lead to a final stage called the tertiary stage. There are many cures tosyphilis, and it is virtually eliminated from today's society. There are a few ways to contract the disease, all of which can be prevented. The primary stage of syphilis is characterized by a smalllesion, called a chancreas, which resembles a pimple, blister or open sore. This occurs anytime between nine days and three months after infection. Fluid from the chancre is extremely infectious, butusually painless. Normally it appears on the genitals or near where the bacteria entered the body. It often hides and many people never realize that it is there. On women, the sore can be found hiddenin the vagina or the folds of the labia. On men, it usually hides in the folds of the foreskin, under the scrotum, or near the base of the penis. Men more often than women will also have swollen lymphnodes in the groin. At this stage, the chancre is very infectious. It will heal with or without treatment, but the bacteria will remain and begin to spread if untreated. In the secondary stage,occurring about six weeks later, a generalized rash appears. It can last for weeks or months, perhaps up to a year. Painless ulcers develop in the mouth. Most people discover raised areas around thegenitals or anus. The bacteria can be easily spread through mucous patches on the raised areas, which are called condylomalata. Flu-like symptoms start to occur, and can come and go for years. Thesesymptoms may include a rash (over entire body or just on palms of hands and soles of feet), a sore in the mouth, swollen and painful joints, aching bones, and a mild fever or headache. These symptoms...
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