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In production management, SMED stands for Single Minute Exchange of Die. This concept introduces the idea that in general any change of machine or initialization process should last no longerthan 10 minutes, hence the phrase single minute (expressing the single-digit minutes). Means tooling change time since making the last good part of a series to obtain the first piece right nextseries, not only for a period of change and physical adaptations of machinery.
The paternity of the concept is attributed to Shigeo Shingo, one of the largest contributors to the consolidation of theToyota Production System (also known as Just in time), along with Taiichi Ohno. It is one of the techniques used in the Kaizen philosophy for reducing the waste (Muda:无駄orムダ).
A concept related to SMED,and more advanced, it is One-Touch Exchange of Die (OTED), which postulates that the changes should take less than one hundred seconds.
The SMED method used in the context of changes in toolingmachines used in manufacturing. It aims to reduce the times of change, and thus allow reducing the minimum lot size. Indeed, if the switch times become null set, you can then begin a series an importanttime in the manufacturing process. And this time is not productive. The goal is to decrease the time devoted to the adjustment in order to achieve useful changes fast or even instant adjustments.There are two types of settings:
• Settings / internal times: Applies to operations performed by machine stop, outside the hours of production (known by the acronym in English FDI).
• Settings /external times: Applies to operations performed (or can be) with the machine in operation, or during the production period (known by the acronym in English OED).
The method is developed in four stages.
 Internal and external adjustments
It's the preliminary.
In traditional settings, the internal and external adjustments are mixed: in what could be done external to internal adjustments made. We...
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