Social networks

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Social Networks

Ma. Fernanda Hale Alcázar
16962 4G

In this portfolio are my best works during the semester, each one of it have a goal for my learning is important to put all together, so in that way the appreciation could be more visible and understood by someone else. You will see that all of my work its organized step by step soin that way you can follow it easier.


In the 1960's the typical American family consisted of a hardworking father, homemaker mother, and several children, all living in homes in the suburbs on the outskirts of a larger city. Now in the twenty-first centuryit’s not the same consensus of family structure and lifestyles that existed in the 60s when nearly everyone conformed to a pattern of early marriage and several children. Currently there are still families with the old and typical structure, but they are in the minority. But because of the several changes that the society has created the definition of a family has suffered drastic modifications thelasts 40 years.
First of all we have the way that families were composed in “Leave it to Beaver” we saw the homemaker mom, the working dad and the children’s that seems to be obedience and didn’t argued about anything however on “Family Ties” we can observe that the stereotypes of the typical mom and dad changes for the working mom and the absent dad, the children’s in this video have moreauthority and control in front their parents. Although in “Brothers & Sisters” the structure of the family is completely different we have a homosexual relationship who is looking to alternatives to have children’s.
Then we have the presence of the parents in the family, we can observe the difference between the parents in the tree videos, in “Leave it to Beaver” we saw the insistence of the two parents,mom and dad of knowing how was the day of their children’s and they both give orders, however on “Family Ties” we saw the insistence of the mother and yes, a little bit of the father but he’s busy on the business so the mother is the one how make the decisions, but in comparison of the last two examples of family this last one is the most different in “Brothers & Sisters” there’s nobody makingdecisions or trying to start a conversation between the members of the family.
On the last 40 years we have had experienced so many changes in our society but no doubt the one who had suffered the most is the family. We, the humans can’t stop affecting and changing everything around us and made it worst. We have to start thinking about the future and see where all of this is going. The family isthe base of a society, so we most start to give it the importance that deserves.
Social Network
I. Obviously we’re all related and know about all the social websites around on the internet but what we’re not related it’s about the serious danger that we’re exposed if we don’t take proper precautions.

II. What social networks are about?
A. Why social networks were created.B. Why Social Networking
C. Which social network is the most useful (Facebook)

III. Who use the social networks?
A. Social networks in teenagers

IV. How Social networks affect our lives.
A. In a positive way
B. In a negative way

V. Conclusion paragraph.

Social Network
I. Like everything in this world,social networks have negative and positive effects and uses. Seen from an optimistic perspective, social networks carry around many wonderful aspects which include communication, friendship, event planning, and many more. If used wisely, these websites offer endless possibilities of entertainment and communication. The bad side to the story lies in the negative use of these phenomenons. The...
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