Economy In Social Networks

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Social Networks in Economy

When Mark Zuckenberg and his team created Facebook, they only wanted to connect Harvard University to make it easier for the students to connect. He was successful in other sites he created, but at the same time heated. When he started Facebook, it was only for Harvard; you need to have a Harvard id to log in. But it started to expand to hisstate, to his country and now is a worldwide network that most of the people uses. Million of people use Facebook to share his life with friends, find old friends, and chat. You can say that Facebook it’s free and isn’t helping the economy, but now that is worldwide, Facebook it’s selling spaces for advertisement in his web page in all the countries for a big quantity of money and generating newjobs. Facebook is an example of how social networks help the economy in many ways like creating money, selling shares and generating new jobs in the entire world. The social networks make the economy more efficient.
Why a bad economy will help social networks, “Americans are spending more time online on entertainment sites”. The bad economy helps the social networks because the peopledoesn’t have job or they don’t have money to spend in attractions or entertainment. Today the people prefer to search for entertainment in Internet, like games, movies or just chat with friends and family, this is a cheap form of entertainment that many people enjoy. Most of the people are spending his time in the Internet on online sites to communicate with other people. They are sharing theylife with they friends uploading pictures, comments and chat. When we have a bad economy we are using the Internet to search for work or things that you can use in your job, or you can sell it. There are many sites that offer advertisements of jobs. People use this tool to get a job more quickly and it’s easy to search in the web. When we have a bad economy the social networks have a very importantrole in the life of many unemployed people. Social networks have helped provide thousands of jobs in U.S.A, there are many opportunities to find a job online, and sell products. Thousands of Americans prefer to search a job online in sites like the job market fizzles.
The Internet games are helping the economy; “internet games, gambling and other forms of online entertainment havesignificant surges in use in several months since the economic downturn deepened”. The people that lose their jobs, they turn to forms of cheap entertainment like online games and multimedia sites. Most of the games in the social networks have a lot of incomes that benefit the economy. There are games in the social networks that you need to buy credits with a credit card to continue the game orhave exclusive things. This type of games has a very important income because most of the people that play these games are buying and buying more exclusive things. The gambling online is a very important factor, there are a lot of games that you can gamble and win money or prizes. One example of a gambling game is pokerstars. Pokerstars is a very important poker game, it become so famous that nowthere are many tournaments online for beginners to experts around he world. Now in days we can have a lot of types or entertainment. We can watch a movie in our house for free, instead of going to the cinema and pay for watch the same movie. It’s more comfortable to watch a movie in your house and you don’t need to pay. It’s easier to search something you like on the Internet than go out.The social anesthesia is helping, “Internet is providing people a social anesthesia to distract them from the stress of job loss and a crumbling economy”. Many people is using the Internet to distract from them from their jobs, inclusive most of the students use the social networks as a distracter from the school, homeworks and exams. The social anesthesia can sound a very weird term, but...
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