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Edith Puente Castro

Adaptation vs. Standardization

In the past two decades has been debated two different international marketing
strategies: standardization versus adaptation of productofferings. Standardization is understood essentially to sell the same products in the same markets. The advantage of this strategy is lower costs (designing, manufacturing, and distributing identicalproducts in multiple countries). Nevertheless, products often need to be adjusted when going out to the international market place according to Czinkota and Ronkainen (2004). Some products just needsmall adjustments and some products are in need for major modifications. The changes typically affect packaging, measurement units, labelling, product constituent and features, usage instructions andsometimes logos and brand names.

According to Calantone (2004) customers in different countries have different requirements and use conditions; they explain that a standardized product may notsatisfy all. Product adaptation refers to the degree to which physical characteristics or attributes of a product and its packaging differs across national markets. Even though modifying the product fordifferent markets increases costs, the authors say that the adapted product may fit the needs and desires of consumers in different countries better, command higher margins and generate much greaterrevenues.

Focus on our product, Ziploc bags to get in the italian market would keep some of the characteristis such the physical aparence. In other words, the brand name, logo and the packaging shouldstay the same because of the world wide importance of the brand. Furthermore, Johnson& Johnson, company which manage Ziploc brand, already has some of its products in the italian market, so it may bean advantage for the brand. However, because of we are targing a new market with its specific needs and customs, the product must has a certain level of adaptation.

Based on a research with some...
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