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Mexico has many stereotypes. There are different types, some are funny and they are part of culture. An example of this could be that some foreigners stillbelieve that Mexicans ride horses and dress like cowboys.
There are also gender stereotypes; this stereotype has become very dangerous for society. Gender stereotypes aregeneralizations about the attributes and roles that characterize men and women. We’ve acquired it through cultural factors such as media, family and school. Although Mexico has changed interms of gender roles, there are groups in society where the roles of men and women are very marked. People adopt these behaviors because it is what they learned from their parentswhen they were children. Most men who abuse their family, doing as a repetition of a conduct of their father.
The man is the financial provider, head of household and who makesthe decisions. The woman, in charge of the household, education of children and of course attends to her husband.
This type of stereotype contributes to discrimination andviolence in families, not only to women, also children who do not meet all expectations of the society. One in three households in Mexico City, there is some kind of violence. (INEGIdata)
Keeping this stereotype is outdated. Men and women have equal rights and obligations. Nobody should justify these actions, we should begin to change this. I think thefamily is the greatest influence for the child, so that to avoid this situation, we must change the gender roles. The parent should help with housework, and keep the communicationwith their children. On the other hand, the mother shouldn’t allow her husband hits to her and / or children. Teaching your child that problems are solved by talking and not blows.
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