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1\ Demographics factors
2\ Social factors
3\ Psychological factors

1\ Segmentation
2\ Target

1\ Demographics factors
- It´s a stable product in almost every home. It has a penetration rate of
93% in French households and a consumption rate of approximately 9 kilos per person per year.
- Every year the number of consumers increaseand sugar is now bought by more than 50% of all households.
- Sugar consumption in France differs from region to region and is also very seasonal.
- For example, Saveur Vergeoise is mainly consumed in the North during Candlemas, icing sugar is usually consumed in the East and during Ramadan.
- Furthermore, jam sugars are consumed from May to September during the jam making season.
- Differenttargets mean different consumption patterns: there´s kind of sugar which is focus on teenagers, and other types for old people.
- Even if it has the same amount of calories as sugar made from sugar beet, brown sugar is perceived by many consumers as being more refined and they buy it for this reason.
- Families with children are more likely to choose white sugar.

• 2\ Social Factors
• Theproblem of the obesity and the awareness of people about healthy and fitness. This factor has produced that the people consume less sugar.

• Sugar consumption is increased in the industry because of pre-sugared breakfast cereals, the development of pre-prepared cake mixes, the drop in home baking, the increased demand for orange juice or soft drinks rather than coffee as well as the increasedamount of meals taken outside the home.

• The sugar has improved in refinement and taste because social patterns are changing every day in modern society.

• The indirect consumption are increasing comparing of direct consumption because of the incorporation of women into work and the change of family roles, which has resulted in increased consumption of precooked food.

• The use of sugardon’t distinguish social class because is a householder product.

• The race may conditioned the kind the sugar that is consumed. This is due to diversity of cultures over the world.

• The number of members of the family can influence the type of sugar consumed in the household. For example, child prefers white sugar and old people prefer brown sugar.

3\ Psychological FactorsPersonality: When Béghin Say will launch this alternative to traditional sugar (Stevia) there will be an even greater interest in healthy products. And the fact that the properties of the plan Stevia helps to so many aspects of human body, people will be more concern about what will be the product selected to buy. This increase of human concern about their health it is also a factor that will bedetermined by their personality.
People who suffer from anxiety or depression or fatigue, will be also helped by this new product so in a way psychological aspects of humans being influence the fact of consumption. If more people know more about the possible effects of this product by medias like the world of mouth, there will be more and more interest in buying it.
It is a fact that nowadaysdoctors recommend to concrete people to consume cup of tea of Stevia in order to regulate their psychological matters.
But in any case the fact that Stevia has an even more sweet flavor than traditional sugar, might affect certain personalities that are not very fond of sweetie flavors.
Attitudes or Opinions: in this case the attitudes to a new product which might have some favor and againstarguments from many parties, could degenerate in a negative view of it. So maybe at firts it will not be seen as good as it really is. But as long as the world of mouth between people works the opinion will change into a better and much liked image of this special product.

Motivation: in this case motivation will be moved by the fact that this product will help with health problems like diabetes,...
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