Sustainable Development In Colombia

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Colombia is a South American country with 46 millions of population, number for ranked by population after Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina in the LATAM countries. Its current GDP growth rate is 5.2% and its main actors in their GDP are financial sectors, social services, industry, commerce, transport, mining, agriculture, construction, among others.
Colombia has a strong reserve of naturalresources being the:
Largest Arabian coffee exporter
First exporter of coil in Latin America fifth world’s produce
Seven world’s producer of nickel and platinum
Having the most cost-efficient mines in the world
First producer on emeralds
Second flower producer and exporter
Second largest banana producer
World’s biggest biodiversity per km2
One of the largest net explorers of energy in LatinAmerica
The sustainable development model is associated with economic, political environmental and social issues, during the past eight years; the Colombian economy has grown 4.4% on average and hasn’t experienced negative economic growth. Unfortunately all of this economic prosperity neither is nor reflected among all the population and each time the gap between the poor and the rich isgetting bigger.
In June 1992 in Rio de Janerio Brazil the United Nations meet together for the Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), or also known as “Earth Summit”, which had the fundamental goal of converting environmental issues in the development backbone to transform current political and economical management highlighting the ecological integrity and the social and equity awarenessof development.
During this meeting, important conclusions where dropped as making economic, political, social and environmental objectives within social responsibility that guarantees the prudent and efficient management of natural resources in order to satisfy current citizens necessities without compromising those of the future generations.
They also concluded that every person has theright to know and provide information about experiences and knowledge about sustainable development. It includes from a citizens, to organizations, to countries, expanding internationally. Following this, the UN created the Sustainable Development Network Program.
After the “Earth Summit”, in 1993 the Colombian government created the Ministry of Environment, today known as Ministry ofEnvironment, Housing and Territorial Development which establish that the process of economic and social development will be guided by universal principles and sustainable development. One of their main functions is to establish environmental criteria to be incorporated into the sectoral policies and planning process of other ministries and institutions.
Colombia created their own sustainable developmentnetwork called “Red de Desarrollo Sostenible” which has the essential mission of being the tool to create conscious among the different agents in the society about the issues expressed in the Earth Summit, issues which the Colombian government acceded to commit without reservations and with a high degree of commitment.
Their network has various members from academic and research institutions,non-governmental institutions, culture, media and international aid organizations which exchange their points of views, their information about sustainable development. This has the goal of permitting everybody to know how the country is with respect to others, how the government is working concerning this important issue. This as well decreases the gap of information in facts information andexpands environmental information to have a more active participation of all Colombian actors.
In the Earth Summit 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa the principles of the Rio Summit in 1992 and the Millennium Objectives (ODM) where reaffirmed. They claim that to reach sustainable development there should be poverty eradication, a change in unsustainable patterns of production and consumption and...
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