Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Development at Home
Do you know that daily an average man produces about 2 kilograms of waste? Or have you ever thought about how much all the cars pollute in the world? These and toomany examples can be used when we are talking about how humans pollute. Right now we are having a lot of problems because of the pollution. But what can we do?
It is simple I mean I don´t think thata group of people can change the entire world, but for me the community is a great beginning. In my own opinion, we have first to change the way we think. For example: All the floods that happenbecause of two things the contamination and the bad conditions of the pipes, but what do we do? I can answer that easily, we only say that is the government fault and we don´t do anything to change theway we live. Another example is that most of people don´t agree when the light company saying how much they have to pay; and most of people say they are committing a robbery is too much to pay, but theyeven don´t think that they have too many electronic devices that are connected all day at home.
The second thing to do is to give a solution to the problems. Sustainable development is a pattern ofeconomic growth in which resources use aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that needs can be known only in the present, but also for generations to come. We have a lot ofopportunities at home to use the sustainable development. If you can buy a solar panel is nice and you will contribute a lot but there are easier and cheaper ways to do it.
1. Change your lightening2. Separate food in organic and inorganic
3. You can put a bottle of 1 litter in the box of the restroom
4. Urban Agriculture is also an intelligent way to produce food at home
5. Put limits whenyou buy and check which products can help the environment
6. Reuse things, there are too many ways to reuse, ten if you don´t want it, give it to someone who needs it.
There are too...
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