Cemex Business Sustainable Development

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CEMEX, Cementos Mexicanos (Mexican Cements) is the biggest construction material supplier and the third most important cement producer all over the world. It was founded in the year of 1906 in theMexican city of Monterrey, and since that day, the company has had an exponential growth that has turned itself into one of the most recognized and fructiferous enterprises not only from Mexico but fromthe whole planet as it has plants distributed all over the world.

As we all know, the production of cement is one of the most poisonous processes known as lots of quantities of toxic materialinvolved in the production and the huge amounts of CO2 that is released after each bag of cement is produced.

CEMEX is aware of this concern and it is also aware of the importance of acting as asustainable company and that’s why each and every single operation carried on in CEMEX accomplishes the principles of this sustainable development.

The world is the major concern of CEMEX: the worldcomprises everything and everyone. CEMEX’s business strategy is guided by the principles of sustainable development and this company has three major objectives regarding this topic:

With these threemajor objectives, CEMEX is interested in accomplishing as well seven important tasks that are related with sustainability and that I personally considered that are very important for every enterprise.The seven tasks are:

1) Sustainable construction
2) Housing and infrastructure
3) Carbon strategy
4) Environment and biodiversity
5) Health and safety
6) Strengthening local communities
7)Stakeholder engagement

The three previously mentioned objectives and these seven priorities are the business sustainable model of CEMEX that has been using for the last years, but what does eachpriority means?

Sustainable construction which comprises the production of cement and other products using recycled products from other enterprises, for example, they use the waste from the iron...
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