Sustainable Tourism

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1. What’s sustainable tourism?
From the book that SERNATUR published the last year they mention that “Sustainable tourism is the one that makes optimal use of natural resources, respecting thesocio-cultural authenticity of host communities and ensures a viable economic development in the long term”.
(Sernatur, 2011)
2. Define the characteristics of sustainable Tourism
Ecologicalsustainability is maintaining maintenance of essential ecological processes, biological diversity and genetic resources.
The social and cultural sustainability try to and keep the identity of thecommunity.
The economic sustainability develop the resources are managed so that they are preserved for future generations.
3. What’s the difference between sustainable Tourism andeco-Tourism?
The difference between Eco-tourism is try to reduce the carbon footprint, growing the economy in some rural areas is a secondary goal of many eco attraction an excursions for tourist andSustainable Tourism is an activity about social and cultural aspects of a destination, the idea of sustainable tourism is not disturbing natural resources.
(eHow, 1999-2012)
4. What are the stepsto follow to make sustainable Tourism favorable?
The main characteristics of Sustainable Tourism are Respecting local cultures and the natural environment, giving fair economic returns to localfamilies, that the water is a resource that we need to use carefully, protect endangered wildlife, Protecting and enhancing favorite destinations for the future enjoyment of visitors and the people wholive there and taking responsibility for our actions while enjoying ourselves.

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