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dependence: Directorate General training centers for work
Section: Technical Department
table: inspection
Number of office
Regularization Subject Tests. It commissioned the Inspector

Commercial School Principal
new Mexico

Your note

By agreement ofthe Director General, has been commissioned to verify the inspector regularization exams that will support students in the campus, on the 15th of the current month


technical department

official Note
It referred to the correspondence between the various agencies and offices of national governments, munipales, state

The State Council, on a proposal from its chairman,agreed to appoint the ministry of industries to partner Salvador Pardo Cruz, who so far played this responsibility to the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry.
as is known, was recently published Decree Law 299 of this year, which provided for the establishment of the Ministry of Industries, the governing body of the country insdustrial policy, which extinguished the ministries of the Steel Industryand the light industry.
This decision is inserted into compliance with the guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, referring to separate government functions from enterprise, government structure have a more rational, and better distribution of the functions they perform agencies of the central state administration.
The Ministry of Industry will meet thetop business management organizations of light industry, the iron and steel industry and the chemical industry.

According to the LEC, 2000, Providence diectara when resolution is not limited to the application of procedural rules of an urge, but refers to procedural issues that require a court decision or by establishing it, either derived from or affect them loads procedural rightsof the parties, provided that in such cases not expressly require the form of self. The orders were limited to expressing what is sent for them and will also include a motivation when so required by law or the court deems appropriate and shall indicate the place and date of adoption or the designation of the court that issued, stating the judge or judges who integrate and signature and indicationof the name of the speaker, when the court is collegial. This applies to orders made by Courthouse, simply signing the rapporteur

Administrative Ruling
Given that the articles 1 to 3 of the existing telecommunications law as a civil right have the equal access to telecommunications services and receive quality service, efficient and uninterrupted except for the service failures on their ownnature presents.

Given that the articles 1 to 5 have the obligation of telecommunications service providers to respect the rights of users by providing clear, truthful and objective information on the characteristics of the products and services they offer

The Minister of Communications, in exercise of its powers resolved by this Administrative Order, the following rules dictate for connectionand Internet access in the city.

Article 1 The purpose of these standards is the creation of a network control system, domains and addresses

Article 2 The Secretary shall, by public tender, to or suppliers must pay the Internet service in the city.

Article 3 is the responsibility of the secretary of public works infrastructure development, within the next four years, so the city has anetwork of Internet access that is free and of high quality.

Article 4 to ensure continuity is cra sercicio Sercicios Undersecretary of Internet City, as part of the Ministry of Communications

This Administrative Order shall become effective upon its publication in the Official Gazette of the city

Communicated and published

The ruling is the result of the advisory entrusted to...
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