Taxonomia moscas de la fruta

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Version 1.0

Species: Bactrocera bryoniae

Species: Bactrocera frauenfeldi

Species: Bactrocera kandiensis

Species: Bactrocera tau

Species: Bactrocera trilineola

Species: Bactrocera umbrosa

Species: Bactrocera xanthodes

Species: Bactrocera newmani

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This document has been made possible through consultation with and input from the following fruit fly entomologists, scientists, academics and diagnosticians:
Organisation Australian Government, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry CRC for National Plant Biosecurity CSIRO Contributor Jacek Plazinski,Kerry Huxham, Anthony Rice, Glenn Bellis, Bart Rossel, James Walker, Sally Cowan, David Daniels Gary Kong David Yeates

Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia Andras Szito, Darryl Hardie Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, Tasmania Department of Primary Industries, VictoriaDepartment of Resources, Northern Territory Griffith University Industry and Investment New South Wales Margaret Williams Plant Health Services Primary Industries and Resources, South Australia Queensland University of Technology South Australian Museum Private consultant Jane Royer, Suzy Perry, Shaun Winterton, Harry Fay Lionel Hill Jane Moran, Mali Malipatil, Linda Semeraro, Mark Blacket Stuart Smith,Deanna Chin, Stephen West, Brian Thistleton Dick Drew Peter Gillespie, Bernie Dominiak, Deborah Hailstones Margaret Williams Cathy Smallridge, John Hannay Tony Clarke Mark Adams David Hancock



The accurate identification of fruit flies is a key component of Australia’s biosecurity system that underpins the domestic movement of fruit and vegetables, maintains internationalmarket access for Australian producers and protects Australia’s borders from exotic pest incursion. In Australia’s tropics, routine surveillance of coastal and island communities results in a requirement to process and identify thousands of adult flies per hour. In some parts of southern Australia fruit fly sampling numbers are smaller, however diagnosticians still have to be skilled and equipped...
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