The Answers For The Lottery

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Answers for “The Lottery”
By: Shirley Jackson

1. I was surprised by the ending because I thought that the ending was going to be about a person who isgoing to win something NICE. The way that Jackson started to foreshadow is by mentioning the pile of stones so in someway stones were going to be used at the end of the story. Well the way that Jacksontries to convince us that this is a calm story is by in the beginning it starts by saying “The morning of June 27th was clear and sunny, with the ffresh warmth of a full-summer day; the flowers werebloosoming profusely and the grass was richly green” “Shirley Jackson” , “The Lottery” So it made us think that it was going to be a calm and gentle but really at the end it was going to be harsh wereTessie dies.

2. The story takes place on June 27th about 10:00 am in a village with 300 people. The setting affects the story by confusing the reader because supposedly it seems calm but itsnot because just of a stupid tradition the KILL innocent people. The setting makes me less likely to figure out the ending because I never thought that they were going to kill somebody at the end.3. Well the way that the characters are different from another is that in Tessie’s case she is mad because supposedly her husband did not get enough time to choose what he wanted because shedoesen’t want her husband dead but at the same time other people are sayimg “ be a good sport” but they wouldn’t be saying that if their husband was about to die. Tessie is singled out because first of all sheis the one that arrives late and then when her husband is the one who won “the lottery” she starts to panick and starts saying that it wasen’t fair.

4. The tittle “ The Lottery “ is considerironic because lottery means your about to win something good it does not mean that you are about to die. When Nancy went and got her piece of paper and then the girl whispered “ I hope its not...
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