Tunes For The Taking

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Homework 3

Name: Leiver Barros

Date: 21/05/10

Tunes for the taking

1. One analyst, ”Many music listeners have shown Little regard for idea that downloading as song from a filesharing service such as kazaA is tantamount to shoplifting from tower records.”


Today, watching DVD movies, taking digital photos or listen to music downloaded from theInternet by reading mp3 player has become commonplace for millions of people around the world I think that one part is okay to download music through Internet and in this case kaza, but it's true it'sbad because there are many people who dream of one day be singers and for this reason and is a bit more limited this matter on the one hand we should think but it is global piracy and at this point isdifficult to finish because there are many people living on it for downloading music and selling pirated discs have the Ecuador case.

2. What strategic recommendations can you make to themusic industry concerning the future of digital downloading?

Young people do not want to buy an entire CD to discover that benefit only a couple of songs. It is more convenient to downloadthe Internet and listen to music from a small player that can carry hundreds of songs where you go I think that a recommendation would be that employers engaged in this attempt to find a way to sellmusic through interne but the client does not find a way to download music anywhere such as Ares.

3. What strategic recommendations can you make to music retailers concerning future ofdigital downloading?

It is a very complicated question than it is today As electronic commerce has enabled no longer necessary to maintain large and therefore costly inventories, more andmore retailers are offering products considered unpopular. And the big revelation is to offer a wider range of products is more profitable than selling only a handful of highly sought products....
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