The lottery by sherly jackson

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The Tradition of “The Lottery”
When Shirley Jackson published "The Lottery" in 1948, the public was stunned to read a story about such a brutal ritual set in modern day. It especially caught readersoff guard because it was written by an author who had never written anything particularly controversial. Most of the story carries a peaceful tone, setting up friendships and seemingly healthyrelationships. It is not until the end of the story that the reader discovers the evil purpose behind this community's annual lottery. This short story of The Lottery reflects some behavior of theircommunity which are rather similar to our own society. The Lottery is an old tradition that have been in there society for many years. In the story “The Lottery“, the community of the town don’t realizethat they are just killing innocent people with the thought that is wrong to break a tradition that has been follow for decades, just like we do in our society but with different traditions.
The reasonwhy the author Shirley Jackson creates this short story is because it can be reflected in to our society in so many things. There are a lot of things in our society that we actually do simply out oftraditions. This short story it’s a perfect example to our own society because tells to the reader that some tradition can heart innocent people. It’s a depiction of what sometimes happens when we dothings out of tradition, only for the sake of the tradition. It’s great to have a lot of traditions because it’s something that everybody enjoy and like to continued, but we have to make sure thatour traditions doesn’t mess-up with our normal life’s.

In this story there is a very important message that the author want’s let the reader knows about. This short story makes the reader thingabout some traditions like marriage for example that we give before. If should we still follow this tradition? Did still makes sense? It’s hearting someone? And if it’s hearting someone we should...
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