The birthmark

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The Birthmark


We have four characters in thisstory, they are Alymer who is the protagonist, and who is a very famous scientist, rich, ambitious, perfectionist, and has a lot knowledge about science which helped him to do many experiments;moreover, he is obsessed with the mark of his wife. Then, we have Georgiana a woman totally engaged to her husband, humble, shy, she is the puppet of Alymer, and she tries to do everything as possible toplease her husband. Also, we can mention the mark as a character since his representation in the story plays an important role in the life of the other characters, and the actions of these are relatedand control to the mark. Finally, we have Aminadab who is not very important in the story, but it´s important to mention that he is the loyal servant of Alymer.

The character are round, because theyshowed their ideas, feelings, thoughts. For instance, we can see that how Alymer before got married he was okay with the mark of his wife, but then he changes his opinions about it, believing that itis a sings of imperfection, which also leads her to believe that she is different to the rest of human beings, because of the mark. Just to mention that Aminadab is a flat character, since he is notvery mention and he is like a picture in the story.


The author shows us tow different environments the laboratory and Alymer´s house. The laboratory seems to be a very professionalplace, because there are many tools that scientist use, but also it gives us the feeling that it is very mysterious place and kind of gothic.

The role is that the laboratory is the place where most ofthe story takes place, and there is where the climax happens when Alymer tries to vanish “Georgiania´s imperfection” and she died.

Point of View

The narrator is omniscient, because he knows the...
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